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New Al Wurood International School Jeddah KSA

Key Responsibility Areas:

1. Leadership-Heads the section and leads & mentors a team of teachers.

2. Academic Excellence: Sets goals and ensuring that learning standards are met for each student in a holistic manner.

3. Safe Learning Environment: Creates a safe learning environment in the school for the students and for the teaching and non-teaching staff. Ensures physical and emotional safety of children and creates a space where students and staff members felt free to own-up and learn from their mistakes.

4. Work & Process Management: Ensures d that all organizational processes are followed and took care ofmonitor the day to day running of the section through the senior management team, dealing with staff and pupils. Conducts audits to determine how processes can be improved and reviews the same with the Principal.

5. Innovation: Examines and implements innovative forms of instruction for students. Builds teacher competence by constantly encouraging new approaches to teaching and learning.

Job Specification:

1. Knowledge:

a. Subject Knowledge: Should have deep knowledge of at least one subject taught in the school, and a fair idea of all the other subjects. Should have an overview of the gradation in subjects within his/her section.

b. Pedagogical Expertise- Should have expertise in designing instructional methods and must be updated in the latest work in this field.

c. School Functions- Should be aware of the internal functions of the whole school.

d. Safety & Health: Should be aware of the standard safety and health norms applicable in KSA schools and KSA ministry guidelines. Should know what behaviour constitutes harassment and abuse and be sensitive about it. Should be aware of the developmental needs of students.

e. Community: Should be aware of the community in which the school exists, including the norms and customs of the country and be respectful of them.

f. Competition: Should know the best practices that are followed in other schools, the contexts in which they operate and should know what can be made relevant for the school and work with the Principal to achieve the goal.

g. Team Management: Should know how to manage teams and conflict, their grievances, managing their performance

2. Skills:

a. Teaching: Has the skills to teach at least one subject.

b. Curriculum Planning-Should have the skills to plan and design the curriculum so as to meet the educational goals.

c. Team Management- Being a Senior Teacher: Shows the ability to lead and manage the team of teachers and review their performance through classroom observations and academic audits and suggest the way forward. He/She should be able to recommend professional development programs for the teachers whom she/he mentors.

d. Process Management- Should have the skills to coordinate all processes/events and ensure the smooth functioning of the same.

e. Evaluation and review- Shows the ability to implement & monitor curricular and co-curricular/extracurricular activities and evaluate the efficacy of the same. Shows the ability to review data the generated and analyze and bridge gaps to increase student/teacher performance.

f. Scheduling- Shows the ability to generate a timeline and plan as needed.

g. Discipline- Shows the ability to monitor the discipline among students and teachers and take preventive or corrective action.

h. Collaboration- Has strong collaboration skills and collaborates with other senior teachers to achieve institutional goals.

i. Parent Communication- Communicates effectively to parents on the goals of the section or student behavioral issues in a variety of ways.

Resource Planning- Has the skills to generate resource lists as per section needs and communicate the same to the VP OR the Principal.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent


  • teaching: 3 years (Preferred)

COVID-19 Precaution(s):

  • Remote interview process
  • Virtual meetings

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