Data Graduate – 2022 Program – Insurance Australia Group

  • Full Time
  • Sydney NSW 2000

Insurance Australia Group

A little bit more about Data…

Location: Sydney

Data is a key asset of IAG, and a vital enabler of creating world-leading customer experiences that are insight-driven and evidence-based.

The team maintains all our data warehouses, fulfils key roles on data-dependent projects, and delivers insights back to the business that drive the realisation of our Group Strategy.

You will have the opportunity to work in a broad and diverse role that spans both data and engineering, while also giving you exposure to the advanced analytics environment.

Your contribution to the team will enable the development of intelligent decisioning using analytics pipelines and models.

What degrees / disciplines are we seeking?

  • Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Management Systems
  • Mathematics

We will be looking for candidates who have demonstrated their abilities in problem solving, critical thinking and effective communications to potentially rotate across the teams below.

Data Engineering designs, builds and operates data platforms, data acquisition pipelines and large-scale data processing platforms including data warehouses, data lakes and streaming platforms

Data Discovery is responsible for enabling self-service and capability for Data Visualisation, Geolocation and Hyper Anna

Data Governance is responsible for ensuring that our customers’ data and privacy is protected and used for the right purposes and in an ethical manner. Ensure that data is also being used in accordance with law/regulations, ethics and socially how our customers would expect us to use it, whilst protecting our data and metadata assets through quality and integrity management practices.

Data Transformation delivers transformative major Data projects such as harmonising/conforming organisational data domains to bring value to our organisation.

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